School’s out forever for ‘unschoolers’


School’s never out for 14-year-old Zoe Bentley. Nor is it ever in.

The perky teen from Tucson, Ariz., explores what she likes, when she likes as deeply as she chooses every day of the year. As an “unschooler,” Zoe is untethered from the demands of traditional, compulsory education….”

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No lesson plans? No problem

“La Plata family finds unschooling a perfect fit

Friday, Oct. 16, 2009

For the children of Zoa Conner and Walter Roscello, schoolwork isn’t confined to a classroom.

Evan, 11, and Maia, 6, don’t even really have “schoolwork,” not in the traditional sense.

No, Conner and Roscello, both physicists, have concluded that the only way they will “teach” their children, is through unschooling, an offshoot of home-schooling that basically allows children to learn sort of organically…”

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Astra Taylor: ‘Unschool’ was cool in her youth

“Would you let your kids stay home from school and teach themselves? Astra Taylor’s parents did, and she grew up to be an indie filmmaker.

ByKristin Tillotson, Star Tribune

Astra Taylor has a curious mind — and a curiously educated mind.

Taylor, a young indie filmmaker selected as one of Filmmaker magazine’s 25 new faces to watch in 2006, takes unconventional approaches to cultural and intellectual topics, such as taking philosophers out of their towers and into the streets. No wonder, since her education was as atypical as it comes….”

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For the unschooled, everywhere is a classroom

Monday, September 14, 2009

Many parents consider Patapsco State Park, west of Baltimore, a leisure destination. Suzy Provine of Millersville views it as a classroom.

As other children headed back to traditional classrooms, she and her four sons explored the park’s craggy earth and tossed large and small rocks into standing water to test the laws of gravity. Venues such as Patapsco are why Provine, 38, has never sent her children to traditional school, opting instead for an eclectic approach to learning known as unschooling. …”

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Ned Vare, 75 Guilford

“Ned Vare, 75, whose passions were so extensive he would have made a Renaissance man proud, died July 22 in his home in Guilford. He had been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and had been in declining health for several months. He was the husband of Luz Shosie.

Known to many in Guilford through his regular appearances on public access television, lambasting the public school system and extolling the virtues of home schooling, he was much more than a contrarian to officialdom. He found in golf, architecture, and even politics avenues to explore his appetite for adventure and excellence. Author of books on golf and home schooling, he was also an avid gardener who lectured on that subject, as well. …”

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Community colleges expand options for home-schoolers

 “By Karin Kapsidelis

Published: May 25, 2009Like his brother and sister before him, Nathaniel Frost has been sort of home-schooled. But not exactly.

“I actually world-school my kids,” said his mother, Mindy Frost.

Nathaniel left the traditional classroom in the fourth grade, when his elementary school balked at giving him six weeks off to travel to Nepal with his parents.

Now 14, he has just finished his first year at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. His older sister and brother spent two years there after they left Chickahominy Middle School when they were in the seventh and eighth grades.

They left because “one day I just decided I wanted to offer them more opportunities,” their mother said of Natalia, now 21, and Trevor, 23.

“I actually un-schooled them for about a year. I just sort of let them find their own niches.”….”

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“Shackles” of structure cast off in child-directed “unschooling”

“BOULDER — It’s a Tuesday morning at the hectic Coulson house and “unschool” is in session.

Upstairs, 11-year-old Julia writes in her journal as 14-year-old Gavin checks on the family stocks. Downstairs in their cramped apartment living room, Hayden, 3, cries out in frustration: He can’t make out a letter on a television learn-to-read program. Meanwhile, Corban, 5, ping-pongs among the floor-to-ceiling bins of school supplies deciding what to do next.

“Mommy, Mommy, can I do the space puzzle now?”

To an outsider, the scene looks more like summer vacation than a day of learning. But it’s all part of the free-form curriculum that defines this type of home schooling — based on the idea that learning is a natural consequence of living.

It needn’t be boxed into time increments, targeted at certain age groups, limited to traditional school subjects or measured in tests.

Generally speaking, most home-schoolers follow a traditional curriculum of math, science and social studies.

Much of their education is guided by textbooks and scheduled lesson plans.

Flip that whole notion over, and you have unschooling… ”

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