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Danbury Soap – Artisan soap from the foothills of North Carolina.
These soaps are hand-made by a homeschooling family in Danbury, NC.  All soaps are vegan, and most are palm-free.  They make great gifts for any occasion because, well, everybody uses soap!  New flavors are added on a regular basis.  Drop in and see what’s new.

Use code HANC with any purchase, and Danbury Soap will donate 20% to HA-NC.

Giving Your Children Wings Without Losing Yours by Tami K. Fox
Does the idea of organizing and cleaning your home seem like an impossible dream? Homeschooling mother of six Tami Fox shares how she uses routines in her home to make it a haven for her family. She’s taught her children these routines, so they’ll be able to take their wings and fly into life as prepared adults. She shares positive methods for organizing and cleaning. Tami wants to help you give your children wings, so they can FLY, too!
You can buy Giving Your Children Wings Without Losing Yours as a print book on Amazon or as a digital book for the Kindle, Nook, or iBooks.
20% of all sales through this site benefit HA-NC.