2016 sessions

Jennifer Hoppins ~ Children’s Book Circles and the Power of Spontaneous Ideas in your Homeschool
   Books are journeys. Mysteries. Worlds that invite all of us in.  They are nourishment for our hearts and our heads. Company on a lonely, rain drenched night, consolation in the dark when we can’t sleep.  Inside we find all the things we feel, and all the paths we might have taken.  Sometimes they call us to act out against injustice, or take more risks and face fear.  For many families on the homeschooling adventure, fiction is allowed to be a larger part of the ordinary day.  In this session, Jennifer presents a model for facilitating child-led book circles and shares her insights on helping to draw out the hidden brilliance inside young readers in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.
   Inspired by a constructivist, project-based learning style, she will also offer resources and ideas to help your home education environment be a dynamic, collaborative endeavor that draws out the spontaneous sparks living underneath the surface.  Actively constructing new skills and knowledge while valuing the current developmental stage, children and parents can activate their best lives and higher callings through being more open to nurturing spontaneous idea flow. This might mean a dining room table stays piled with a stupendous mess for weeks, or that you decide to break down a wall to make space for buckets of Lego bricks.  Paired with a regular opportunity for deep inner listening, observation and contemplative wondering, childhood is protected and valued as an asset and a gift, not a thing to get through so that some other achievement on the horizon can be realized.
   Jenny invites attenders in this session to participate in an interactive conversation using AI…not artificial intelligence…but Appreciative Inquiry. She will be asking folks to share their responses to this question: When is your child most alive and committed in their work? When are you? The stories that come from this question promise to be engaging and spontaneous, so don’t miss out on these real life, authentic, unprepared messages from parents just like you. We all benefit from hearing and sharing about the times in life when we feel fully alive, energized and confident, knowing we are making a difference. One story will lead to a collective body of inspiring knowledge that focuses on the life giving force in your homeschool. This is the key to inventing your most desired outcomes. 


Tami Fox ~ Giving Your Children Wings without Losing Yours

In this session, Tami will talk about ways to raise your children to be prepared for life after homeschool. Learn strategies on home care, organization, team work, planning, and your homeschool. She will encourage you to find a way to put a positive spin on teaching and training your children. She will help you examine your life goals for your children that goes beyond their childhood and will impact your family in future generations. Break out of negativity and perfectionism and find abundant living and learning together.


Tami Fox ~ How to Get Started Homeschooling

Are you embarking on a new journey called Homeschooling? Tami has been a homeschool mom to her six children for the past 15 years. She has graduated two of her children and is currently homeschooling her youngest four children. She will give you strategies and thoughts on beginning your homeschool. Do you have a family mission statement, and why is it important to your homeschool? Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Tami will guide you in getting started. Do you need a support group or co-op to homeschool? Come find out the importance of homeschooling and being a part of your local homeschool community.  Tami will also touch briefly on the legal requirements to start your homeschool in NC.


Tami Fox ~ Homeschooling Through High School

Are you ready to homeschool through high school? Tami and her husband have graduated two of their children from their homeschool. Both of their children went on to adulthood and their choice of career in different ways. Tami will talk about strategies for homeschooling through high school and give tips on helping your high schooler prepare for the next step that God has for them. If you are overwhelmed with the thoughts of course selection, transcripts, and options for after high school, this is the session for you.


Tami Fox ~ Homeschool and Home Organization – You Can Have Both

Tami will give you strategies and practical tips for getting rid of the clutter in your life, scheduling, lesson planning, keeping up with laundry, meal planning, and more. Hear firsthand how Tami uses The FlyLady system to bless her home and family. You can homeschool and have a clean home, too. Question and answer session to follow her presentation.



Cindy Gaddis ~ Individualized Education: Identifying Learning Styles

We often hear that homeschooling is the perfect setting in which to truly individualize your child’s education.  To accomplish this, Cindy has found it has a lot to do with honoring your child’s learning style in regards to how they enjoy discovering and exploring a subject, as well as respecting the time frames in which they grasp and embrace the subject.  How do you identify the learning style of your child? What impacts their learning lives most? Cindy will share with you the characteristics of various learning style attributes and how these shape learning. She will give examples from her three oldest (now adult) children’s different learning styles and how it impacted various subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, geography, foreign language, history, spelling, etc. to form their individualized education.


Cindy Gaddis ~ Living with the Right-Brained Child

Does your child need the tags taken out of their clothes or they will only wear sweat pants?  Is change difficult for your child or are transitions from activity to activity or even life phase to life phase a balancing act? Does your child have a strong sense of fairness and everything is negotiable?  Is the glass always half-empty?  Cindy will discuss the emotional, social, and sensorial differences that often accompany the right-brained learner.  She will discuss strategies available to facilitate positive experiences, incorporate skill-building tools, and adjust our value system to create a balanced approach to living harmoniously with this complex learner.


Cindy Gaddis ~ Exploring Freedom

Cindy realized that one of the most important attributes she learned about through homeschooling her seven children is what real freedom looks and feels like, both for herself and for her children. Free-range parenting, unschooling, and self-regulation are some of the vocabulary that Cindy discovered allowed her children to experience personal freedom. Independent thinking, societal awareness, and self-worth are some of the vocabulary that she deeply explored in herself so that these things could be reflected by example to her children in finding their place in our world separate from external expectations that leads to cultural freedom. Cindy will lead a self-evaluation discussion to help individuals attain as much freedom in their lives and the lives of their children as they are comfortable giving.


Cindy Gaddis ~ The Middle School Years

Cindy feels that the middle school years are the trickiest and most misunderstood years of growth and change for children, and hers were no exception. No wonder middle school has such a poor reputation. Schools are ill-equipped to support children during easier developmental years, let alone the tough ones. Why is it that home/unschooled children most often talk about going back to school at this stage? Why do they seem like wandering, lost souls all of a sudden? Cindy will discuss what’s going on during this time of development as she discovered through her children and confirmed through listening to other parents and the research she unearthed. She will share what she did to support her children both academically and emotionally, and what the outcome looked like when high school arrived.


Lori Barklage ~ Always Unschooled

Join Lori as she explores her experiences with her always unschooled family, discussing how the journey has been different for each of her three children in a life without school or school at home, and what they are all doing now.  Bring your questions about always unschooling, and participate in this dynamic discussion.


Lori Barklage ~ “I Don’t Have Enough Energy to Homeschool”

Ever think you can’t possibly homeschool, it would be too exhausting? Lori is a homeschooling mom to three delightful teenaged life-learners and wife to another (older but still young) life-learner for over 26 years. The family lives, loves, and learns in Catawba NC with a couple of really sweet dogs and a very fluffy kitty. For years Lori has enjoyed teaching people how to invest their personal energy for a greater yield. A speaker at local, national, and international conferences and workshops she specializes in sharing practical tools to empower individuals of all ages.


Gina Grothoff ~ Social Media and Charlotte Homeschooling.com: Making Connections and Finding your tribe

What is Charlotte Homeschooling.com?   Why should I join it or what do I do now that I joined?
What is a Yahoo Group, and why join such an outdated social media source?
How can I connect with other homeschoolers who live near me?
In this session I will share the history of Charlottehomeschooling.com and how to navigate social media in the homeschooling world including my site: Charlottehomeschooling.com as well as other online resources like Yahoo Groups, FAcebook groups.  As someone who began officially homeschooling in 2002, I can provide information from an over-40 year old perspective and how the scope of homeschooling in NC has changed over the years.  I will show you what you can do on charlottehomeschooling.com as well as share other ideas and resources for making connections and finding your tribe, like-minded homeschoolers because we are a very eclectic and varried group of people!
Gina Grothoff ~ Unschooling Will it Work for my child? based on my blog posts, Unschooling: Will it work for my child?
I began homeschooling when my oldest, Harrison, was school age.  Over time, as I unschooled myself, and learned that our relaxed approach to homeschooling was working because I was in fact following a child-led learning approach.  And then along came my daughter who learns differently than her brother.  I often wondered if unschooling really was the best fit for her. She has an anxiety disorder which has added an extra challenge to unschooling.  I will share my experiences, insights and resources and open this session up to a group discussion format.


Gina and Harrison Grothoff ~ Unschooling, Child-led Learning  and Pursuing Life Passions: From birth through age 18

What does it mean to follow your child’s interest and what will this look like when they are high school age?  Gina never imagined herself homeschooling her children when she became a mother in 1997.  She went to public schools her entire life, and then college and always imagined her children would do the same.  Gina embarked on the homeschooling journey when her oldest was school age and her family’s experience has evolved over the years, but has kept the same focus of maintaining her children’s love of learning and following their interest.  Gina enjoys sharing her homeschool journey and aims to empower others to find what works best for them.