Here are some of our speakers for the 2016 Love to Learn Conference.

Please check back often as we will be adding more.


Tami Fox is a writer, speaker, homeschool mom, and wife. She and her husband have homeschooled their six children for the past 16 years. They have graduated two of their children and are currently homeschooling their four younger boys.
Tami has been a homeschool speaker both at homeschool conferences and through online webinars for several years. She has written a new book on organizing the home and homeschool called Giving Your Children Wings Without Losing Yours. You can contact her through email at tami@tamifox.com.

cindy2Cindy Gaddis is the mother of seven children, ages 11-25, and married to her high school sweetheart, Weston.  Her family lives in a log house on 15 acres in beautiful central North Carolina.  When she pre-enrolled her first son in the local kindergarten in 1992, something just didn’t feel right.  She began her research into homeschooling and discovered that the learning environment and lifestyle she had been living had a name:  unschooling.  Cindy is now a passionate advocate for the benefits of learning at home.  She started a yahoo list in 1999 for families homeschooling their children with autism  and started another e-mail list in 2005 for families homeschooling right-brained learners.  Cindy writes about her perspective and unschooling life at her blog, Applestars (http://applestars.homeschooljournal.net).

loriheadshotLori Barklage is an unschooling mom to three delightful life-learners – ages 21, 19, and 17 – and wife to another (older but still young) life-learner for over 28 years. The family lives, loves, and learns in Catawba NC with a couple of really sweet dogs and a super-fluffy cat.

For years Lori has enjoyed teaching people how to invest their personal energy for a greater yield. She has been a speaker at local, national, and international conferences and workshops where she specializes in sharing practical tools to empower individuals of all ages.

Gina Menzo Grothoff's Profile PhotoGina Grothoff lives and learns with her husband, Don, and their three children: Harrison, 18; Abby, 14; and Jason, 7; and with wise-animal beings: Peanut, Olive, and Shiloh.   She moved to Charlotte in 1992 after graduating college and living in PA.   She used to joke that she was going to send her children to Pennsylvania for school.  She discovered homeschooling when her son was an infant and discovered a new possibility for education and parenting.  She officially began homeschooling when her oldest was school age.  She used to say, “I could never unschool” but over the years realized that was really what she was doing.  She is a Occupational Therapist and has worked part-time for most of the years that she has been homeschooling.  Her husband, Don, is an active participant in their homeschooling journey.  She created http://www.charlottehomeschooling.com/ in 2008 because when she began homeschooling, it was difficult to find out about area support groups and homeschooling resources.  She enjoys helping those new to the area and new to homeschooling.  Her passion is writing about parenting and child-led learning.  She writes about Child-led Learning on her blog: https://childledlearning.wordpress.com/.  She is a child-led learning consultant to empower parents to find their own path with their children following the child’s lead and with the principles of respect and trust, and knowing that children are inherently motivated to learn and nurturing that innate love of learning. 

 WP_20141201_010jen Jennifer Hoppins is a homeschooling mom to 12 year old Elliot.  They have been on this journey for six years, and in that time have started two small businesses, written books, published poems, learned new skills and deepened the family bond. Sharing enrichment activities, social circles and core subjects, the seeking and receiving of experience and knowledge has blurred the lines between learner and teacher.  Jennifer holds an A.B. in English and Education Studies from Guilford College.  A memoirist and poet, she shares her passion for stories and young people through facilitating a children’s book club that sometimes turns into a mid-day feast and an adventure in the woods. You can read samples of her work on her blog www.imaginedrememberedbelieved@wordpress.com   Her son’s business project to help people experiencing homelessness is accessible at www.elliotsninjas.etsy.com  




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