August 6th, 2016 Love to Learn

Homeschool Conference 



   A lunch pre-order option may be added in the near future. Please check back here if you would like to preorder lunch.




Love to Learn Homeschool Conference

Old Rock School, Valdese, NC

For the purposes of this registration a “family” is a nuclear family, parent/s and their child/ren.  Yes, a step parent, foster parent, partner etc can be included on one family registration.  But please do not try to combine two or three families together on one registration.  We are working hard to keep the cost of the conference to a minimum and feel that the prices are quite reasonable.


All money is non refundable.  You may bring a sitter with you to watch your child/ren for a small additional fee, day care will not be provided, we will have an area available for toddlers to play, a craft room and of course your child/ren are always welcome to accompany you throughout the conference. You will be responsible for your family.


Conference registration entitles you to access all areas of the conference (vendors, break out sessions, main sessions, craft room, and toddler area).  It also allows you one conference brochure bag per registration, and one conference handbook per registration.  Included in the conference handbook will be the schedule for the day.


2016 Pricing Early Bird Registration extended through July 15th, 2016

Pre-Registration: July 16th – August 5th

At the Door  
Family $25 $35 $40
Adult $10 $13 $15
Child $5 $8 $10
Sitter $5 $5 $5
Grandparent $1 $1 $1


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