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The Love to Learn Conference grows every year.  With this growth we need help in many areas on conference day.  If you would like to attend the conference we offer a work exchange program.  You would work for a 1-3 hours during the day in exchange for a family registration to attend the conference.  There are many areas in need a couple of these include:

 1.  We are always looking for volunteers to host fun sessions.  The sessions should be approximately 1 hour in length, interactive and fun for the children (and children at heart).  These will be open to everyone attending.

 2.  Help with the registration table on conference day.  This will require that you show up at the conference at 7:45 as we open the doors for registration at 8:00.  You will be at the registration table from 7:45 until about 9:30.

 3.  Cleaning up after lunch.  This job is much easier than it sounds, throwing away any trash, moving any tables/chairs back to their original place, and wiping down the tables.  This generally takes about 30 minutes.

 4.  Cleaning up at the end of the conference.  We have several areas that need cleaning.  Putting away the toddler toys in the toddler nook.  Putting away games, and putting the tables and chairs back in their original positions in the game nook.  Picking up craft supplies, and putting chairs and tables back in the craft nook.  Any of these nooks could use your help.

 If you would like to participate in the Work Exchange Program please e mail Pam Genant, at genant2@aol.com.

 If you have other ideas of ways you could help the conference in the Work Exchange Program, please e mail Pam Genant atgenant2@aol.com and we can certainly discuss your ideas.


If you are interested in volunteering at the conference we can always use the help!  We have the positions listed above available.  We also need help with advertising prior to the conference.  If you are interested in volunteering, or have special skills you think would be helpful for the conference please e mail Pam Genant at genant2@aol.com.