What People are Saying

*”Thanks so much for the help. By the way, I had never been to this conference and it was huge for me to be able to go. What a great opportunity you all have provided for moms to get more educated. I “loved” it. I am so grateful. Thank you. And I will be telling all my friends about it and encourageing them to go and glean from you all.”


*”I went to the library today and saw a lady that I met at the conference. We were both still really excited about the conference and are already trying to get other people to come next year. We both thought it was too short though. That’s more of a compliment than a complaint. LOL That conference really has a ripple effect.”


*”Forgive my delay in telling you what a blessing the L2L conference was to both myself AND my husband! Yes, he was one of the Dad’s in attendance and it was great to have so many wonderful conferences to learn from and affirm much of what we are doing…my only disappointment was several I truly wanted to hear were at the same time! That is quite a feat that you all pulled off to have such a variety of diverse and interesting topics! There was a good variety of vendors and they were all so excited and upbeat…the ones I had trouble saying no too were those who were offering show specials (family finances had the final say, unfortunately). I truly want to THANK each and everyone of you who had a hand in making this conference possible, for the time energy and effort that went towards making it successful, for the great bags and handbook and for the ability to actually attend. Without the gift of free admission, for us, it would have been impossible! God Bless each and everyone of you and HUGE Thank you’s again!”

Judy and Pete

*”This was a life changing day for me. I bought a button from Lori’s daughters that said “Homeschooling is my super power”, and after this conference I really feel like it is. I can do anything I set my mind to. My children are going have a ball this week. My daughter is at a sleep over, but when she hears about the changes she is going to be so happy.”



*”I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU!!!. The conference was just what I needed to get the year started off on the right foot. I am truly grateful that you allowed me to attend (in spite of my inability to pay). May God bless you and your school year. Your kindness will not be forgotten – if you ever need anything please feel free to ask me.”
Your friend,


*”I just wanted to rave a little about the Love To Learn Conference this past weekend. I really enjoyed all of the sessions that i attended and feel inspired again for another year. I began homeschooling my 11yo Asperger’s son again last year after 3 years in school. He was homeschooled for kindergarten and 1st and of course, that was mainly fun and games. I homeschooled my now college age daughter before him, but it was a completely different game. She LOVED to read and do unit studies and he hates anything that is remotely labeled educational or wholesome. Needless to say, I became very discouraged last year. On top of that, our psychologist kept talking to me about his need for structure, but my gut just tells me that structured learning for a child who hates reading and anything educational would be disasterous. But what do I know?

The conference renewed my confidence in what I know, and reminded me that I am the only expert when it comes to my child. Cynthia Gaddis and Lisa Blocker gave me such encouragement and wisdom in their sharing about their unschooling/relaxed schooling approach with their own special needs kids. And Pam Genant and Lori Barklage helped me to remember that an 11yo child who struggles with reading, hates it and thinks it is a torture worse than bamboo picks under the nails is nowhere near a lost cause. Of course, this was all stuff that I inherently knew, but sometimes the water gets muddy and we need someone else’s shared experience to clear it up. We just need to hear that it is ok to trust our instincts and go against the “norm”.

So thanks to everyone who was involved in putting that together. It was awesome and i will be looking forward to next year because by then I will no doubt need another shot of inspiration and encouragement!”



*” I so enjoyed the conference. I found the diversity in speaker styles to be the most helpful and the easy format which permitted guests to move from one speaker to another without feeling bad about leaving the discussion (had a guest found themselves in a workshop that didn’t exactly jive with their own view point) to be stress free. The location, parking and local restaurants were great – I can’t imagine one thing that could improve this conference and look forward to attending next year! Thank you and all those involved in planning this conference. The information I got, at this time (we’re about to start school) has me revved up and excited to start schooling!! Thanks again for everything!”



*”Hi Teri, First let me thank you again for your hard work in putting together the Love to Learn Conference. It was my first experience at a Home School function but certainly will not be my last. What a wonderful group.”


*” I took many different sessions but felt the same way about all of the presenters and walked away feeling excited, passionate, empowered, confident, and ready to begin! I expected to learn a little bit about laws and different methods…which I did. But I never expected to walk out feeling so encouraged and confident as a mother wanting to do the best for her children. This group of presenters were some of the most amazing, loving, and bright women I have ever encountered. And I am so thankful y’all took the time to spend the day and some of your knowledge with us!”
Wife and Photography Assistant to Rich (6 yrs)
Mommy to Rhea (4.5) and Ella (2)


*”The conference was truly life changing for me. I left with a better understanding of my daughter and how she learns. When I arrived I did not think I could ever unschool, but now that is the direction I know she needs. I feel a lot less pressure and I’m excited about reconnecting with her and learning more about her. Please tell the presenters THANK YOU!! -Robin Curry”


“I just want to thank Teri and Pam for all of their hard work on the conference Saturday. I think it was the best yet and it was really neat to see so many people walking away with new information and renewed inspiration. I think the sessions met alot of needs that have currently gone unmet in our state’s homeschooling community.

All of the speakers were awesome – thanks to all of them for coming and sharing interesting and innovative ideas with us!

I am so looking forward to next year’s conference – bigger and better than ever!”



*”excellent sessions-VERY helpful-thank you for so many special needs focused classes.”


*”I loved that the conference was inclusive for ALL homeschoolers!”


*”I loved exploring different learning styles and how to really pay attention to your child and foster learning in relation to how and what interests them. As a new homeschooler, it really opened my mind and helped me think outside the box.”


*”Teri, The Conference was great. You and Pam have done a wonderful job pulling this together. I came away with a lot of useful information today and it was nice to put some names and faces together. ” by yahoo list


*”Comments: I wanted to send a followup email letting you know how much I enjoyed attending the Love to Learn conference this year. I am relatively new to homeschooling and found the conference was exactly what I needed. However, I would even say … I want to go brag to my more experienced homeschooler friends who may not have attended — you really need to come next year to the Love to Learn conference. It is wonderful — something for the newbie to the more experienced.

Again, thank you!”

Carolyn, by email, 9 August 2009

*”So glad to see a well organized inclusive group!” Ann Zeise


*”I read the article in the Observer – you have done such a great job on this! The speaker
lineup is awesome.” – by email


*What a wonderful experience! We all learned so much and cannot wait for next year. The speakers were great, the exhibits were great, and the fellowship was great. Imagine a homeschooling conference where not only all homschoolers are welcome, even children are welcome. How refreshing!


*The event was great! I really enjoyed the speaker who talked about right-brain children. Lisa


*Thank you Pam, Teri, Teresa and everyone a part of making the first Love to Learn Conference happen! It was wonderful! Very informative with a wide range of discussions! Looking forward to next year’s!
Julie, Charlie, Scott and Marissa


*… I loved it… Thanks for all the hard work!!


*…it was a wonderful conference. I learned so much and Pir had such a great time. Thanks especially to Teri and Pam for all of your hard work over these many months. I know it was a lot to organize but it seemed to go very smoothly. So much great information, I really learned alot! The break out sessions were especially helpful not only to get to talk more with the speakers but to get to hear other families experiences. We all learn so much from each other and it was great meeting other families from all over NC.


*[I enjoyed having] more than one opportunity to attend some of the sessions.


*My husband and I had an awesome time at the Love to Learn Conference Saturday. I enjoyed every session that I was able to attend. I heard Misty Spinelli speak on Educate Yourself First – she is always interesting, informative and encouraging. Her statement that it only takes 6 years to get a public school education was not entirely new to me but it was a good reminder that we have time to be able to focus on the items that are more important to us than academics.


*Very eclectic


*We sat in on April Duritza’s RightStart Math presentation and it convinced us that it will be a good program for my youngest, and very right brained, child. April’s presentation gave us just the information we needed.


*Awesome speakers!


*Hearing and learning from the speakers, connecting with other homeschoolers, feeling supported.


*On a personal note, I loved it. I will definitely help you spread the word next year to as many groups and individuals I come in contact with.


*We were privileged to hear Cindy Gaddis speak on Understanding the Right Brained Child. This was such a huge help to us. We “followed” Cindy around to her other workshops to glean as much as we could. I have always enjoyed Cindy’s posts on NCLoop but I found it less intimidating to understand in person. I have known about right brain/left brain for a very long time but now I realize how shallow my understand was. My husband and I were talking most of the way home about Cindy’s information.
Thank you to the ladies who organized this. Major kudos!!!


*Positive Energy, inexpensive, good mix of speakers.


* It was a great day, it was so good to reconnect with folks I hadn’t seen in a while, and I loved the discussions after the sessions. If you weren’t able to make it this year, plan for next


*I … went to the conference and suggest lots of us plan to go to the next one.


*I was concerned that the conference would address newbies more than those in the trenches. I am happy to say there was both. And I feel renewed and encouraged. I just finished emailing the book list to my independent book sellers at Quail Ridge books and they managed to track down those pesky unschooling books. I have checked out the online links offered by others. I am looking into studying “teddy bears” as many may remember, as a unit study to justify my 9 year olds “need” for build-a-bear and my “need” to make it more meaningful.


*My 15 year old is re-evaluating her goals, as am I and we will attack this high school year with purpose yet “joy”.


*Those who attended: I challenge you to bring two other people next year plus yourself. I already have one friend who said yes and two who said tell me more.

*To the organizers: I’ve been to many conferences and this was organized, professional and uplifting. Oh and the food was great.


*Great conference just what I needed…thanks G


*Diversity of topics and age ranges addressed. Facilities very nice! Lunch great!


*The talks were great – we had to do the “split up and you go to that one…” thing – that was pretty impressive, considering this was the first conference. Great job!!


*Good variety of subjects. Liked the “blocks” of workshops.


*Cozy atmosphere, casual vibe, time for chatting and shopping, secular nature, inexpensive.


*Relaxed atmosphere, excellent speakers.


*The variety of programs. Some were offered more than once, so I didn’t miss out on it if there was something else happening concurrently.


*[I enjoyed the] variety of topics – Speakers doing more than one session. The Q & A that followed some sessions – to give more time for discussion. Usborne books and other vendors located in the main room.